MECHANICAL: Experience with machine, fabrication and metal shop tools and equipment: Bench grinders, angle grinders, drills (hand and bench), lathe tools, sheet metal guillotines. Wood turning tools, plastic vacuum molding, soldering irons. Previous experience in acetylene and spot welding, metal fabrication and alloy foundry casting.

SOFTWARE : Adobe Premiere 6, Adobe After Effects 6, Adobe CS5 Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver,
Flash, 3DS Max 4-9, Lightwave 9, Maya 2011, Unity 3D

PROGRAMMING : HTML, C#, Objective-C, JavaScript, OSX and Windows environments.


Assistant Set Builder and 3D Model Maker: 3 Peach Animation, London, '89.

Internship as assistant set builder on a TV commercial for a line of custom children's watches.

• Responsible for creating assets, painting, detailing and assemblage of the watch mechanics/factory theme model set, following plans and instruction.

• Responsible for design and layout of replica machine cogs, fabricated from wood boards, plywood boards using shop machine tools: bandsaw, Jig saw, wood turning lathe, wood saws, glue guns.

2D Animation Cell Painter: Karen Johnson Animation, Toronto. Canada.'90.


Game Model Maker / Texture Artist: SF Start-up, 2011-'12.

Collaborated with artists and programmers for RSO iPhone game creation. Required the understanding of Unity 3D game engine. Created low polycount textured assets for game levels.

Animation Artist: Maureen Healy Communications - Hornsby Cider marketing campaign, '03. Responsible for Rhino character rigging, mesh, animation, layout, lighting, model making, texturing and Flash integration.

Rigging and Animation Artist: LupoiFX, Monkey Dream Films, '02. Rigging and animation of Gorilla character for title sequence.


iPhone App Designer:, San Francisco, '11.

Designed content and recorded audio for Golden Gate Bridge Tour (app downloadable from the iTunes store.)

Sound Engineer: Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, 2003- '04.

Weekend services and forum webcasts.

AV Production Assistant: Stage II, San Francisco, 2001- '02. Events and audio visual production and installation company.

Film Issue Room Employee: Academy of Art San Francisco MPT, '99.

Responsible for allocation and logging of equipment to film students at the AAU. Maintenance and care of equipment.

Studio Camera Man & Studio Assistant: WTIU PBS Television, Indiana University. Bloomington, IN, '98. TMC - Television Master control room technician.

• Monitoring, logging, playback and recording of television program feeds from within the Master control facility. Overnight transmission tower monitoring. EAS (Early warning system) alert protocol and outgoing program schedule continuity throughout the Southern Indiana counties area.

Movie Location Production Assistant: "Happy Hell Night". Rose and Ruby Productions, Toronto, Canada. '90.
Movie location production assistant on low budget horror film: "Happy Hell Night".
Responsible for assisting producer with various tasks setting up set layout and scenery requirements. Assisting set up and transportation of film and audio equipment. Additional role as "extra" within the production


Bicycle Mechanic: Bike and Roll San Francisco, 2003- present.

Fleet mechanic responsible for bicycle assemblage, maintainance, road testing and up keep of over 500 rental bicycles.

• Responsibilities include replacement and adjustment and repair of brake pads, hydraulic brake fluid (mountain bikes), gear and shift cables, tires, tubes, worn drive chains (chains, cassette, cranks), gears-shifting, timing chains, along with overhauling hubs, truing and rebuilding wheels.

• Tools include a full bike mechanic repair kit: Allen sets, wrenches (headset, cone, pedal, spoke), chain whips, bottom bracket tools, crank tools, thread taps.

• Additional building projects include the construction of workbenches, storage tables, racks, plastering, painting and decorating.

• Machine and metal shop proficient with bench grinders, angle grinders, drills (hand and bench), lathe tools, sheet metal guillotines, acetylene/spot welding, metal fabrication and alloy foundry casting.


Logo Design / Illustration: Twin Flame Distribution, Canadian based health products, 2001-'03.

Illustration: Scientific Learning Company. '00. Editorial illustrations: ( )

Illustration / Graphic Production: X-Press Print Wear, Bloomington, IN, 1996 –'97.

Graphic paste-up and computer layout artist. Illustrator.


Academy of Art University, San Francisco - Computer Animation, 2006-'08.

City College of San Francisco, CA - Multimedia '05.

Sheffield City Art School, BA Hon's -Fine Art '89.


Game Design

Cycling/Bike Touring

Digital music studio recording